RED JIM by Nathalie Jean-Bart is OUT!!

Hello again,

The beast is out.

I mean, my book is out.
My publisher, who’s located in France, will receive the batch tomorrow. I should receive my own copies in the same week.

The book is called “Red Jim” and it is for kids, knowing “kids” encompasses a broad spectrum of readers, for we only cease to be kids when we die.
I am the author, as well as the illustrator.
It is bilingual, French and English.
Read the lens I wrote about it:
RED JIM by Nathalie Jean-Bart and then read the book itself… or not (then, it’s your loss…)

“Red Jim” is a book of dualities: two worlds, two languages, two main trends of behaviour with their consequences… Kids of all kinds will love it

I’ll be back with more updates: it’s only the beginning.


Nathalie Jean-Bart

2 Responses to “RED JIM by Nathalie Jean-Bart is OUT!!”

  1. Anna Says:

    Congrats on your book publishing, and all I can say wow great animations. Anna 🙂 ps thanks for Kudos at Zimbo.

  2. cheerfulmadness Says:

    Thank you

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