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Cheerful Madness!! en France: T-shirt et vêtements variées

December 9, 2007

Cheerful Madness!! c’est Folie Gaie!! en français.
I have just opened a Cheerful Madness!! apparel online shop here, for a French public:
Cheerful Madness!! at Comboutique is based in France, which should make it easier for France-based customers to order the products than when said products are dispatched from North America. I will add more designs soon, hopefully making them exclusive to this particular shop.

Otherwise my main  Cheerful Madness!! is still up and running.

La même chose en français:

J’ai ouvert une boutique en ligne Cheerful Madness!! basée en France, pour faciliter les choses (notamment au niveau des frais de port) aux gens qui sont aussi basés en France.

J’aime dessiner des animaux, dans un style cartoon varié et rigolo.

Autrement, j’ai cette boutique-là , qui tourne depuis un moment maintenant et qui est basée en Amérique du Nord:

Cheerful Madness!!

Murals for children

December 8, 2007

This is a collaboration between me and a mural artist: he used my characters to decorate the walls of a room in a school in Manchester.

Click to see.

Bretto from the Ghetto’s Christmas Shepherd

December 2, 2007

Attention mélomanes en tous genres,

Bretto from the Ghetto and Nateau from the Château’s Christmas music track is available here:

Christmas Shepherd

A Christmas gift to listen to and enjoy. Thank you

Bretto and Nateau.

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