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Christmas greetings cards, postage stamps, T-shirts, accessories…- merchandise- Cheerful Madness!! online shop

December 3, 2008

Christmas greeting cards, postage stamps, mugs, T-shirts, stickers… Cheerful Madness!! online shop.

Examples below. Of course designs are available on other items. To see more products, all customizable, go the Christmas section. Great prices, discounts and special offers are applying. Thanks.

Little Pig's Christmas greeting card card
Little Pig’s Christmas greeting card by Lioness_Graphics
Design a note card On
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This is Santa!! greeting card card
This is Santa!! greeting card by Lioness_Graphics
Make a personalized notecard On zazzle
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Cartoon Christmas reindeer T-shirt shirt
Cartoon Christmas reindeer T-shirt by Lioness_Graphics
Shop for tshirts online at zazzle
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Christmas Reindeer counterfeit greeting card card
Christmas Reindeer counterfeit greeting card by Lioness_Graphics
Make custom notecards At zazzle
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Two wolves in winter Christmas greeting card card
Two wolves in winter Christmas greeting card by Lioness_Graphics
Create personalized note cards With Zazzle
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Merry Christmas!! greeting card card
Merry Christmas!! greeting card by Lioness_Graphics
card on
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Christmas reindeer sticker sticker
Christmas reindeer sticker by Lioness_Graphics
Make promotional stickers at
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Order RED JIM by Nathalie Jean-Bart for Christmas, directly from its author (namely me)

October 31, 2008

With Christmas just around the corner, here is a suggestion for a gift that will entertain and instruct while having fun, kids and big kids of all ages

I am the author and illustrator of a bilingual, French-English, children’s book published recently.

RED JIM by Nathalie Jean-Bart- Tartamudo Publishing

The book is hardback and has received positive reviews from professional magazines specialised in children’s literature (click the link to the Squidoo lens on Red Jim to read the review). But, while you can order it from any good bookshop, online and offline, I would like to make you know that you can order copies of “Red Jim” directly from me, its author. I have a limited amount of copies available. The additional interest (and excitement!) of ordering the book directly from me is that you can have the book autographed/signed by the author to your specifications, and buy it at the normal retail price: 12 Euros or £9.00, plus the postage costs (I will need to know where the book is going in order to calculate the delivery costs). I will send anywhere in the world and will accept payment preferably via Paypal: please note Paypal does accept credit card payment. Any other form of payment will need to be discussed first. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity: get in touch if you are interested and want to find out more at

La même chose en Français:
Vous pouvez maintenant commander le livre “Red Jim” directement chez son auteur!! J’ai en effet un nombre limité de copies en ma possession: l’intérêt et le bonus de commander le livre directement chez moi, réside dans le fait que vous pouvez l’obtenir dédicacé/signé selon vos propres spécifications. Le livre est vendu à son prix normal (12 Euros ou 9 livres Sterling), les frais de port y étant ajouté: notez bien que j’aurai besoin de savoir où va le livre pour calculer les frais d’envoi. “Red Jim” est livré partout dans le monde et j’accepte tout paiement préférablement par Paypal (notez que Paypal accepte aussi les paiements par cartes de credit); pour toute autre forme de paiement, s’il vous plait, parlez-en avec moi au préalable. Ne ratez pas cette opportunité: contactez-moi, si vous êtes intéressé, à l’adresse suivante:

Merry Christmas: cute cartoon animals season greetings at Cheerful Madness!! online shop

November 30, 2007


All the creatures of the forest, big and small, have gathered together to celebrate friendship: why, it’s Christmas after all . The products are brand new, fully customizable: feel free to add the caption you like, “Merry Christmas” being an obvious one in this context. Postage stamps with this design are also available (customizable)
To see my other Christmas and season greetings products, please visit The Christmas section. Otherwise visit the all shop itself for other products. Thank you. And Happy Merry.

Merry Christmas!! greeting card card

Merry Christmas!! greeting card


Get this custom card
 at Zazzle

Merry Christmas!! notecard card

Merry Christmas!! notecard


Get this custom card
 at Zazzle

Merry Christmas!! postcard postcard

Merry Christmas!! postcard


Get this custom postcard
 at Zazzle

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